Great Golf Savings
The annual NGCOA Canada Golfer’s Red Book was published in November. The Red Book offers discounts at 109 of BC’s great golf properties. The book is produced by the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada and includes offers on green fees, driving range use, power carts, merchandise and food purchases at various golf courses. Some of the offers are good during certain seasons only, while others are valid year round. With over $18,500 in savings in the book, the $27.95 price tag (plus the government’s share) will pay for itself in one or two uses.
This year’s Golfer’s Red Books are now available for sale at British Columbia Golf Town locations, and select participating golf courses.

Visit The Golfer’s Red Book website for more information.

Sell the NGCOA Golfer’s Red Book in your Golf Shop
The Golfer’s Red Book is available to sell to your customers this off-season. There is no cost to NGCOA member Golf Shops to stock the Golfer’s Red Book. Books are available on consignment so you only pay for books that you sell. There is also an incentive for all shops that stock the book; for every book you sell, you keep $10.
In addition, the sales from the book are a vital source of revenue for the NGCOA Canada – BC Chapter helping with both lobbying (pesticide issue, entertainment expense, liquor licensing) and grow the game efforts – all in an effort to better service our members. The NGCOA Canada makes it easy for your to sell the book by providing access to sales and promotional material.

For more information contact Doug Ferne, Regional Director, BC Chapter NGCOA Canada.


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