Apple’s iOS 10 Launch
The launch of iOS 10 brought with it a host of new features including new ways to use Siri, brings the app store to Messages, simpler maps, improved Apple music and a new news app. Apple is calling it the biggest Apple release ever. You can reach all about these features on the Apple newsroom page. One of the least talked about features so far is all of the new emojis.

Nail Paint EmojiEmoji 101
Just when you were getting the hang of spying on your kids texts and knowing what they were actually talking about Apple has added over 100 new or re-designed emojis. Even basic emojis have gotten an update. 

Still wondering what an emoji is read of Emoji 101 blog.

Hand Gesture EmojisSo what is new…

  • Family emojis have evolved to include real life family make-up including one dad with two kids, two moms with kids, two dads with kids etc.
  • All sports emojis now have a male and a female choice. 
  • There are more design rich emojis like painting nails, cutting hair, taking a bath
  • The cats have more detail. We still don’t know who uses all of the cat emojis, but they do look better now.
  • Apple has replaced the gun with a water pistol, added a pride flag and a woman in a turban and made the robots shinier.

It will take us some time to figure out the new language that teens use by combining a host of these new emojis together. Mashable has put together their own guide for how to use some of them but we are sure other combinations will become popular. Especially with all the new hand gestures now available!


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