Canada’s leading national golf associations are pleased to announce National Golf Day, a new Canadian event aimed at promoting golf and raising awareness about the many positive impacts that the game has on Canadian society.
These messages will include golf’s status as the #1 participation sport in Canada, our economic impact, the healthy fitness benefits, golf’s diversity, environmental stewardship, charitable funding, business benefits, and valuable life skills for youth.
Canada’s first ever National Golf Day will be held on May 29, 2018, and then become an annual event at that time of the year. Golf industry leaders from Golf Canada, PGA of Canada, National Golf Course Owners Association Canada, Canadian Golf Superintendents Association and the Canadian Society of Club Managers will be on Parliament Hill for the day meeting individually with dozens of MPs, Senators and policy advisors. The National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA) has also reserved the front lawn of Parliament Hill exclusively for golf activities for the day, which will include a strong focus on junior golf as well as interactive activities for Parliamentarians and the general public.
There are still a lot of misconceptions about golf, which holds back our growth opportunities. So National Golf Day provides an important platform for us to correct that,” said Jeff Calderwood, Chair of NAGA and We Are Golf. “More Canadians play golf than any other sport, every year, and we’re going to promote exactly why it’s #1. That message will change any misconception that golf is just an elitist game. We also want to establish that golf is a highly developed industry, not just a great game.
Simultaneous to the Parliament Hill event, golf courses and related stakeholders throughout Canada are encouraged to promote the same positive golf messages. NAGA will provide that consistent message content which can then be leveraged through social media and traditional channels. Should you wish to support the National Golf Day locally additional information will be distributed shortly.
NAGA is also announcing a rebranding of its public facing name to We Are Golf. This aligns with the same brand name used by the American golf industry for allied association activities such as National Golf Day, providing a consistent North American brand for the golf industry to unite within. Behind the scenes, NAGA carries on as the administration body but will use the We Are Golf brand for all public communications.
Please watch for additional We Are Golf and National Golf Day communications over the coming weeks as we lead up to May 29, and support this important initiative where you can. Collectively, we can have a big influence on how our golf industry is positioned with government, the media and the public to benefit all of our stakeholders across Canada.