We can’t believe that we still have to write a blog like this! We find it so frustrating that when you click on a link from your smart phone (whether it be from Twitter or Facebook) that the website the link leads to is in most cases not optimized for mobile viewing. Or… when you do a Google search on that same phone and are directed to a business website that is not optimized for mobile. When we talk about being optimized, all we really mean is that the site is formatted to be viewed on a small screen, not rocket science right? It’s hard to believe how much mobile viewing and search are going to grow in 2012 (one report has mobile search already at 57% of a searches preformed on the internet). 

Proof About Mobile
So if you don’t believe us we thought we would share this video by Gary Vaynerchuck with you. Have a watch, it is worth the two minutes time:

We included a section on Mobile in our January eNewsletter. You can read it here. Here is also a blog we posted on You Tube about mobile back in January of this year about the future of mobile and one other website tip (less then one minute):

So if you don’t believe us, look at your website on a smart phone and see how it looks. If it is difficult to read and the links can only be clicked with a pin then you need to re-think your website marketing strategy! Have a view of our website on your desktop computer and then your smart phone and you will see the difference. Let us know if you need assistance, we are here to help!