More New Tech from Marriott
We continue to be impressed, or maybe it is fascinated, with Marriott Hotels and their recent introduction of new technology aimed at enhancing their guests experiences. This time around it is all about Virtual Reality or as they are calling it “VRoom Service”.

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The Crossroads of Technology and Travel
Marriott Hotels has partnered with Samsung for the hotel industry’s first in-room virtual reality experience. Eight Marriott properties will be offering “VRoom Service” to their guests over select dates by mid-November. This includes delivery of a Samsung Gear VR headset and headphones preloaded with virtual ‘postcards’ from Rwanda, Beijing and the Andes. This is a first step and a test to see how virtual reality can play a part before, during or after a travel experience .

Marriott foresees a future where travelers can explore hotels or destinations prior to their trips in unprecedented ways and in this era of social media, share those experiences on new virtual reality platforms after returning home.

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Marriott and Technology Fans
We were already fans of Marriott before their technology surge but are even bigger fans now simply because we like innovation and new ways of approaching things. What intrigues us the most about travel and virtual reality is the opportunity to see inside a hotel or even a destination and getting a true sense of the experience before actually traveling. The downside…the bucket list will get even bigger!

The first two minutes of the video released by Marriott makes us want to jump on a plane right now!


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