Loudmouth Golf fans can now order custom clothes and specialty items in their exact size and fit in hundreds of Loudmouth patterns.

Vancouver, BC (October 7, 2013) – Loudmouth Golf, the leader in bold and bright colored golf and lifestyle apparel has expanded their popular Made-To-Order (MTO) online product store to their International customers. MTO is Loudmouth’s revolutionary, flexible way for customers to order apparel that is designed to their exact preference on size, fit and with additional features.

Canadian customers can now order a variety of Loudmouth MTO products, patterns, and styles:

  • 43” waist x 29” length? YES!
  • 7” length chub shorts? Of course!
  • 21” length long shorts? Yup!
  • Cargo pockets? Sho nuf!
  • Can I get stretchy waistband? Sí!
  • Slimmer fit? Looser fit? For sure
  • Can I get that design that went out of stock 2 years ago? Ja!
  • Can I use MTO in Europe? Ouí!
  • Canada or Australia? You betcha!
  • Can I get all 5 women’s silhouettes? Absolutely
  • Can I get Men’s and Women’s blazers? Certainly dahling
  • Chef Coats? Naturalmente! 

Shoppers can customize their waist size and length of the pant or short giving them the best possible fit for their body type. This includes hard-to-find odd number waist sizes like 33, 35, 37 and long lengths in pants and shorts. Customers can also add cool features like cargo pockets and tour slits. The MTO line features exclusive new patterns, current popular prints, as well as some vintage patterns for those who have nostalgia for original prints.

“This is a big deal for Loudmouth and our Canadian customers. Previously, all MTO orders had to be processed through our USA website, but now they can make a custom purchase along with any regular items and pay in Canadian dollars with no extra customs or hidden duties,” said Larry Jackson, Loudmouth Golf CEO. “Now all our customers will have access to the entire range of Loudmouth made-to-order designs including new and vintage prints along with products that have been previously accessible only to the US making for a highly effective customer shopping experience.”

MTO will take approximately 3 weeks from online purchase to doorstep delivery and they will always carry inventory with standard sizes for immediate overnight delivery. Loudmouth will continue to add new MTO products in the upcoming weeks like ladies boardshorts, ladies windshirts, men’s suit vests, and bowties.

Loudmouth Golf MTO is available Internationally. To see a full list of countries, visit www.LoudmouthGolf.com. Loudmouth Golf will also be available online in China soon.

Jeff & Tara Ciecko of CK Golf Solutions write two blogs on their website, one is their 19th Hole Blog where they share personal experiences and the Biz Blog where they share business best practices and golf industry related opinions. They have owned CK Golf Solutions for 6 years and provide marketing, social media and business services to the golf and other industries.