Ladies Tees 
Rant: The term ‘Ladies Tees’ needs to be immediately removed from your vocabulary if you work in the golf industry. There is no such thing! In today’s world, while we are trying to grow the game of golf and increase it’s enjoyment, the NEW term is ‘forward tees’. And everyone can play from them.

Forward Tees
The whole concept of golf and having 14 clubs, is that you get to use every club in your bag and have a realistic chance of reaching every green in regulation. This is not the PGA Tour where 500 yard Par 4’s are becoming the norm. We want every player to have a realistic putt for birdie on every hole, not a birdie shot from a 100 yards away on a Par 4. Golf is, and should always be, fun for the masses regardless of age or ability. Choose a tee based on your average driving distance.

Winter Project
This winter as you are putting your golf course to bed, review your signage. If you have any signs that indicate ‘Ladies Tee’ or ‘Women’s Tee’ or even ‘Senior’s Tee’ remove and dispose of them immediately and plan to replace them with the words “Forward Tee”. As a guy who used to play golf courses at 6,800 to 7,000 yards I now realize how much more I enjoy the game from about 6,200 yards (diminished skills aside), it’s become fun again. Play the tee that makes it fun for you.

Remove the stigma and get rid of ‘Ladies Tee’ signs, hell go a step further and make your back tee (that few people play) red and your forward tee black.

Let’s shake up the golf industry, like a really good martini 😉

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