Jim Gibson
It was with much sadness that I received an email yesterday from a friend and fellow member of the PGA of British Columbia about the passing of Jim Gibson at the age of 88 years young. Jim meant a lot to me on a personal and professional level. He was, while not a golf professional, the consummate professional for so many of us who work in the great game of golf!

Jim Gibson - PGA of BC Lifetime Achievement Recipient

Our First Meeting
In 1997 Tara and I first moved to B.C. as I assumed my first Head Professional position at Rivershore Estates and Golf Links in Kamloops, B.C. At 23 years old, it was my first Head Professional position and in 1998 Rivershore had the pleasure of hosting the PGA of BC Championship. Jim Gibson was one of the first PGA of BC staff to arrive on site and was quick to seek me out and extend a greeting. This was something I have never forgotten, at the time I was overwhelmed with the event, meeting new peers and attempting to provide a quality experience for the PGA Members. 

One of Many Great Things About Jim
Over the years I had the opportunity to meet and visit with Jim at many tournaments, Trade Shows, education seminars and other events… it always made me smile when Jim would look over, reach out to shake your hand and call you by name. Something I am sure he did every time with every Member of the PGA of BC.

Our Last Meeting With Jim
Tara and I had the pleasure of attending Jim’s induction dinner as a PGA of BC Lifetime Achivement Member during the PGA of BC Championship last October at Richmond Country Club. There he was, clearly not in great health but smiling, shaking hands and calling everyone by name. We are proud to have been at Jim’s Lifetime Achivement award reception and so proud that he received it. No one is more deserving!

I for one think the PGA of BC Championship trophy should be renamed after Jim Gibson for his lifetime support of the PGA of BC and Golf Professionals everywhere! I hope you will leave a comment on this blog in support of this proposal so I can share it with the staff and Board of Directors.

RIP Jim Gibson… you made a difference to so many PGA Professionals!