On behalf of the NGCOA Canada board of directors, I am pleased to note that our CEO Jeff Calderwood will also be serving as the Executive Director of the Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA) effective October 2, 2017.
This announcement is being made today by the CGSA to their stakeholders and I wanted to ensure that the NGCOA Canada membership was simultaneously advised.
Both the NGCOA Canada and CGSA boards of directors have approved this shared leadership role. I believe the synergies between golf course owners’ and superintendents’ best interests have always been very much aligned, and will now be further strengthened by this agreement.
“The CGSA board of directors and staff team are excited about Jeff’s leadership for the future benefit of the Association itself and superintendents throughout Canada. His strategic approach to association management and such relevant experience are a great fit for the CGSA’s leadership needs. I would like to publicly welcome Jeff to the CGSA and really look forward to working together”, stated CGSA President Jim Flett.
The NGCOA Canada and CGSA have also entered into a new partnership to share in delivering the Golfmax Purchasing Program, adding mutually beneficial value to both associations. All CGSA members will now have access to national account pricing on various turf department supplier agreements.
It should be noted that the NGCOA Canada and CGSA do remain as two independent Associations, however these opportunities for collaboration are being pursued to strengthen the ability of both to provide effective service to their respective memberships.
Our board feels that this is a very innovative and positive step forward for the Canadian golf industry and I see great potential for more collaboration in the future.
In the meantime, all the best for the balance of your 2017 golf season.
Steve Spratt
NGCOA Canada 
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