Cashless Canada
Long before the pandemic of COVID-19, Canada was on its way to becoming a cashless country. In fact, in 2017, trading site Forex Bonuses ranked Canada as the world’s top cashless country and according to its study it predicts that cashless societies will exist by 2022. As we stated in an earlier blog post, during this unprecedented times, now is every golf course operator’s chance to make changes and make their business ‘better now’.

Check-In and Pay
Many golf courses have gone to check-in and pay programs using the Gallus Golf mobile app. This allows consumer to check-in, pay for golf, avoid congested line-ups and proceed directly to the first tee. Many courses that are using check-in and pay have commented that they will likely not go back to having registration available in their golf shops. But, this as entire blog for another day.

There are many benefits to moving your golf operations to a cashless business, some of which include:

  • Reduction in golf shop labour
  • Reduction in cash reconciliation time
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Increase in ability to collect customers data
  • Decreased theft
  • Decrease no shows

In speaking with Troy Peverley, Vice President at the West Coast Golf Group, he noted all of the points above and stated, “The decision to go cashless at the West Coast Group has resulted in significant labour savings. I would estimate a reduction of cash out and balancing time to be in excess of 50%. Initially, some of our team members were concerned about going cashless, but are now very supportive of remaining this way”.

It’s not the ‘new normal’, it’s the ‘better now’ opportunity. Is your golf course considering cashless this year or next? Leave us a comment with what you plan to do.

If you would like to talk more about the Gallus Golf mobile app give Jeff a call at 604-506-2226.

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