Instagram by the Numbers
Instagram now has 700 million active monthly users. That is still not close to Facebook’s 1.94 billion active monthly users but it is still in a rapid growth spurt. Instagram doubled its user base in two years and its growth rate is still speeding up. Instagram is now more than twice the size of Twitter and might soon join Facebook’s other properties in the billion-user club.

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Instagram Engagement
For personal use Instagram is a terrific platform to view and to share quality photos and inspirations. For businesses this is also true, golf courses have the opportunity to show their followers some terrific golf course shots and some insight into areas of operations that they might not otherwise get to see. But unlike Facebook and Twitter it is more difficult on Instagram to engage with visitors through sharing. On Facebook sharing one of your golfers posts is as easy as one click. On Instagram…not so much. But it is possible.

Instagram Repost
There are now a few apps available that allow you to repost (and give credit to) someone else’s Instagram post. This allows engagement beyond merely commenting on a post. You can now share it. We have tired a few of the apps and have chosen to use Repost for Instagram. It seems to have the fewest clicks to get you through the process and it has a paid version for $3.99 (which we use) that eliminates any advertising. It still requires five or six clicks to repost but is easy to use and fast. We do recommend editing the text on the post to remove the reference to ‘using @repostregramapp’, but to still give credit where it is due, to the original poster. 

Finding Posts
It is easy to find posts from other people taken on your property. You will be surprised how many there actually are when you start to look. Using the Instagram ‘Search’ feature (the magnifying glass) simply type in your full business name. Likely your Instagram name, your location and any hashtags that may be related to your business will come up and all of these will take you to different posts by different people.

So start sharing!

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