Instagram by the Numbers
Our last Instagram blog was on May 13th, you can read it here. At that time Instagram was reported to have 700 million active monthly users. And now with the introduction of an e-commerce feature there may be more ways for businesses to make use of the platform to sell. Instagram was and is a really hard platform to do well from a business perspective. Your company needs to really engage fans without being ‘selly’. You need to be good at sharing your story, your brand and your message. The e-commerce platform will turn window shopping into real shopping which will be good for business. But we are not sure how this will effect Instagram’s users. Nike’s announcement in July that it plans to sell shoes on Instagram is just the start. We are interested to see if allowing sales will boost or kill the platform.

Instagram Apps
In the mean time there are still some tools that you can use to build your followers and your engagement so if you do decide to go down the sales path you have a solid fans base to sell to.

Instagram Repost App

Instagram Sponsored Ads

Follow Free is an app that we have started using to find out who follows us back and who does not. It also tells us when we have new followers and new un-followers. Like all other social platforms engagement should be a two way street. You do not want to follow a bunch of people that don’t follow you back unless they are providing you some value in terms of the content that they provide. On Instagram itself it is hard to see when someone unfollows you. The Follow Free App makes this easy.

Each time you open the app it updates the stats to the last time you opened it. So in this example since last opening the app there have been 4 new followers and 0 new un-followers. You can also use the other tabs at anytime to get a full list of the users that don’t follow you back. 

This version is the free version of the app but there is also a paid version for $6.99 that provides more insights such as which of your followers has liked the most posts or commented the most times. We have not tried that version yet but plan to and will provide our feedback.

Watch for more on Instagram’s e-commerce platform.

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