Instagram Updates
Instagram has been making a lot of updates recently. Some have been good for the user and others have been geared towards business users in an attempt by Instagram to secure more of the advertising dollars floating around the internet. We have written quite a few posts in the past about Instagram, it’s updates, and how these will effect business Instagram users.

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Instagram Ads
In June 2016 Instagram began rolling out a new feature for business that improved the look and functionality of Instagram advertising. Ads can now be more stylized and visually appealing. They can also now include a call to action that leads people to a website page that can be opened in the app or to an app download page.

Instagram AdsInstagram AdsAds will still have the ‘sponsored’ note in the top right to let users know that these have been paid for but there are more options. The five circles on the pureleafcanada add indicates that there are five images that can be seen by swiping.

Both ads use the Learn More call to action. One leads to a web page (but still stays within the Instagram app) and the other to a Facebook page (again within the app). The ads function the same as in Facebook. If a user opens a web page but then hits the ‘X’ to close then they are back where they originally were in their Instagram feed.

Instagram Ad Reach
Instagram uses an algorithm to decide who will see your ads. Just like Facebook. This is not surprising since Facebook has owned Instagram since 2012.

The good news about this partnership for advertisers is two fold. Instagram uses information about users from both their Instagram and Facebook habits to determine who to show your ads to, more information equals better targeting. And Instagram ads are set up through your Facebook profile so no need to set up a second account. You can create your Instagram ads as easily as you do your Facebook ones.

More on best practices for setting up ads on both Facebook and Instagram as well as some case studies in other posts to come.


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