9 Ways to Increase YouTube Views and SubscribersYouTube
In the world of YouTube, you can eventually make money many ways: number of views, time watched, ad performance, sponsorships, etc. All of that is great, but first you must get what is what is most important, enough viewers and loyal subscribers. 

Gaining YouTube Viewers
First, you need people to find your content on YouTube. To do so, there are a few things you can do:

1. Make a good title – the title should be what you would imagine someone typing in to the YouTube search bar. Make sure everything is spelled correctly.

2. Fill the description box – there are hundreds of characters at your disposal. Start with links to your social media accounts. Follow up with a very detailed description about the video (use keywords). Add any other important information and end with writing the title of the video in your description box three times. This will help YouTube find your content for search.

3. Proper tags – be sure that your title words are in your tags. Ex. “How to Golf in Vancouver.” The tags that would follow would be “how to,” “golf,” “how to golf,” “in Vancouver,” “golf in Vancouver.” You could add more but those are essential. 

4. Proper category – there is an option for what category you would like your video to be under. Be sure to put it under the correct category.

5. Use of annotations – do not flood your video with annotations. Use them wisely. Link the annotations to your website, or a partner’s website, or directly to another video of your own.  These will help, especially when a viewer has nothing to do and needs something else to watch. 

Increase Your YouTube Subscribers
Once you attract people to your channel you will want to convert as many of them as possible into subscribers. To do so, there are a few things you can do:

1. Grab attention – people watching YouTube generally allocate a very short amount of attention to your video. If you don’t grab the rest of their attention in the first 15-20 seconds, you will lose an opportunity for a subscriber. 

2. Engage views – while watching, viewers want to feel like they are a part of your video. You can do this by talking to them, asking them questions, or even requesting opinions. Another way would be by making your content like a mini movie that keeps them interested.

3. Asking for the subscription – do not feel like you are asking for handouts when asking for a subscription. You do not have to say, “Can you please subscribe.” A better way would be to say, “Be sure to like and comment below, and if you really enjoyed this video, hit the subscribe button.”  

4. Consistent content – make sure your videos keep coming. These people have subscribed because they want to see more. Give them more! A new channel needs at least one video a week. Well-established, high-subscribed channels can make less videos after time because the loyal subscribers care for the hosts and will keep coming back.

These are some of the best ways to gain popularity on YouTube. It might take a while to see growth but through consistent and engaging content, you will see your fan base start to grow.


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