Increase Your Golf Revenues
In our part one blog, Increase Your Golf Revenues, we wrote about the Cruise Line Industry (specifically NCL) and how they are always striving to get their customers looking at the next Cruise not the current Cruise. We had a few ideas on how this sales strategy could be used in the golf industry.

Big, Better, Best 
The previous blog was about up-selling pre-paid next rounds of golf. But you can take that concept a step further! Instead of up-selling to a round of golf (BIG), hone your sales strategy and take it up a notch. Up-sell to a pre-paid round of golf and a power cart (BETTER). Or go a step further and make it a round of golf, power cart and food voucher (BEST).

Staff Sales Training
In order to make a program like this successful you first need to invest time in training your team on sales strategies. This means spending some dedicated time with each of your departments to talk about things like product knowledge, club knowledge, relationship building and soft selling techniques. For your managers you should discuss things like data mining, lead generation, outreach and ultimately improving your bottom line. It is key to set goals as a management team and to share these goals with EVERY single staff member regardless of their position.

As we have always said, “we are all in sales”. The time spent on discussing sales, sales training and goal setting will pay dividends. Focus on laying the groundwork first then start the golf season with two or three sales programs. Monitor the results, share them, and always be sure to reward your team.

CK Golf Sales Training
We can help. If you want to chat about sales strategy and training for your team, contact Jeff anytime for a conversation. He can be reached at 604-506-2226 or [email protected]. View our other blogs on sales and the golf industry by clicking here.

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