One-to-One Email
If there is one thing we can all do better it is writing and responding to the personal emails that flood our Inboxes. We’ve been focused on this for awhile now and it is amazing the different results you will get when you focus and refine your emails and replies. Especially if you are responding to a customer inquiry. It is important that your whole team know that their emails and replies are worth paying attention to.

Subject Lines
Clearly define what the email is about. This is important to not only get it opened but it will likely help get your email read. Subject lines like “hi”, “attention” or “July 12th” are far to vague and misleading. Use things like “Your banquet on June 8th”, “XYZ Golf Tournament” or even “Meeting request May 3rd”. You will find a good personal email subject line will pay dividends.

Email Copy
Here are our do’s to writing good personal emails:

  • Do: Open with a greeting… Hi John (we use Hi most of the time), but Dear, Mr./Ms. also work. We want to know you have personalized your email.
  • Do: Write only 1 or 2 sentence paragraphs… keep them short and sweet. Time is valuable for your reader.
  • Do: Put a blank space between every one your paragraphs… this will make it much easier for the reader to follow what you are saying. There is nothing worse than a bunch of sentences/ paragraphs grouped together with no space.
  • Do: End with anything that needs action… this will ensure clarity of what the outcome of the email is intended to be. There needs to be something actionable from your email.
  • Do: Make sure your signature is up to date… at minimum it should be full name, organization, phone number and email address. 

Bonus: Make sure your from address displays your name and not your email address. You do not want the from in your email to look like [email protected] I would not open it, would you?

Bonus #2: If you are a business and your email ends in @hotmail, @gmail, @yahoo or any other non-descriptive address there is a much higher chance your email won’t get read. Use your business website address as your @. You can email me at [email protected] or Jeff Ciecko to talk about this further.

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