From NAGA – National Allied Golf Associations – March 3, 2017

With the recent focus from the CBC documentary “Dad and the Dandelions”, it is a good opportunity for the golf industry to remind the public of how effective our environmental stewardship actually is.   

The following key messages, distributed by all National Allied Golf Association partners, will support your‎ dialogue with golfers, media, government, environmentalist and any other stakeholders. The intent is to align all of our messaging for consistent representation of the facts. The topic of pesticides can be a sensitive one, and often based more on opinion and emotion than scientific facts. These key messages help clarify those facts.   

Sources for this key message document included:

  • Health Canada
  • Guelph Turfgrass Institute
  • University of Guelph
  • IPM Council of Canada
  • Audubon International
  • Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study
  • NGCOA‎ Canada
  • CGSA
  • Golf Canada
  • PGA of Canada
  • CSCM  

The document is presented as an FAQ format. Some of these questions are directly relevant to clarifications needed due to the CBC documentary, and some are more broadly based information you may get asked about from time to time.   



From NAGA continued…
Please note that there are some provincial variances in terms of pesticide application regulations, despite PMRA’s federal regulation of the safety of the products themselves. This document is positioned as a national set of key messages. Further customizing your comments for more indepth statements about provincial implications, such as the stringency of Ontario’s IPM Accreditation Program for example, can be added as required.   

It is important that the golf industry remain respectful and professional when addressing any concerns raised over pesticide issues. Being aggressive or too defensive generally doesn’t accomplish the intended goal of separating the myths from the true facts of the issue. So we recommend that you don’t attack the sources of any misinformation or alternative opinions.   

Instead, direct their concerns back to the facts, which usually means leading them to Health Canada and their PMRA. ‎If anyone believes they know better than the PHDs who evaluate and approve all pest control products, we welcome them sending their suggestions to Health Canada for consideration. 

The Canadian golf industry will continue its leadership as environmental stewards of the 175,000 hectares of greenspace that we contribute to communities throughout the country, and the great game of golf that is enjoyed by more Canadians than any other participation sport in the land. ‎These key messages will help the public to understand the facts supporting that position.   

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