Why You Should Survey Your Customers
Recently we wrote a blog on the above topic, you can read that here. The primary point of that post was all about the WHY you should survey your customers. We believe it is important to survey your customers but also important is the way you write your questions.

The Questions and Response Formats Matter
Here is a list of 5 Do’s for writing great survey questions:

  1. Write your survey with multiple answer options for different questions. Ask multiple choice questions, rating questions, yes/ no questions, open ended questions etc.
  2. Get to know your customer. Three to five questions at the start of a survey, such as sex, age, number of rounds of golf played etc. will help sift through the responses and understand more about your customers.
  3. Keep the questions simple. The best surveys use language that everyone can understand easily.
  4. Be sure to use N/A as a response. Not all questions are going to be relevant to every respondent.
  5. Write your questions so there is actionable feedback you and your team can act on.

Here is our list of 5 Don’ts:

  1. Don’t ask two questions at once. For example, asking if they “often play golf and have lunch” can provide confusion to your customer.
  2. Don’t ask the same question twice, even if the response format is different. This where people may leave your survey.
  3. Don’t let your responses overlap. For example, asking for an age range 19-25 and 25-30.
  4. Don’t ask a question from too far in the distant past. It may be difficult for people to remember.
  5. Don’t make all your questions “required”. Allow people to skip a questions as it may not be relevant to them.

If you need help with establishing your survey, contact us anytime.

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