Social Sales
We have been talking a lot about sales lately. And we often get questioned about how social media can help with sales – this is even more common with reference to Pinterest because it’s value is not always apparent. But the thing about Pinterest is that it’s audience is highly engaged and ready to purchase. (You can read our last newsletter with some stats about Pinterest here.)

  1. Do you have an online store?
  2. Do you host wedding ceremonies and/ or wedding receptions?
  3. Are you already using Twitter?

Then Pinterest might be for you…

Online Stores
According to Shopify, shoppers that arrive at your website from Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase compared to those who arrive from other social sites. Of those purchases, the average order is $80 which is double the average order from Facebook. By installing the Pinterest pin button to your product pages, your website visitors can post images from your online store to Pinterest. This is a great strategy since you’re getting endorsement from customers.

Wedding DecorWedding Planning
Weddings or Wedding Planning are almost always one of the most popular categories that appear on Pinterest feeds. There are even blogs dedicated to helping brides plan their wedding using Pinterest. You want your venue to be showcased here. Pinterest also makes a terrific location for storing wedding photos that you can refer potential clients to so that they can see what you do. The visual appeal of a Pinterest board trumps a Facebook album any day, especially if high quality photos and descriptive captioning is used.

Twitter Integration
If you are already using Twitter but are always looking for more content why not let Pinterest help out? Pinterest can bring in photos (that are usually lacking from Twitter) to the following you have already built. If you sign up for Pinterest using the same email address as your Twitter account, you can automatically share the pins you post to your Twitter account. While we do not always recommend cross-posting, this will give your Twitter account another dimension.

Pinterest ads another layer to your social media reach. Instagram and Pinterest target two different markets and have two different purposes. Instagram is quick and dirty – snap and post immediately, and it is not for use on a desktop. Pinterest is for building a story with beautiful, well thought out and possibly staged photography. It is addictive and some users spend hours pouring over pins on their tablet or computer. So we say, if you have the resources do them both. Pinterest can be managed in 60 minutes a week, and Instagram happens as it happens so give them both a try and see.


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