Internet Marketing
Using what you have to get where you want to be has been the watch words touted by marketers around the globe. There are always ways to promote your business but the internet is one of the fastest and most effective ways; if you understand the logistics of marketing/promotion strategies.

As it stands to reason, Google+ would be the most logical choice for promotion of any business or pleasure activity, as it is the most used search engine when compared to the other search engines. Google has in its repertoire new an exciting tool for marketers and individuals who have a vested interest in the promotion of their products and services.

Google+ Tools
Google+ has developed a host of marketing tools that can help you in the effective marketing and promotion of your golf course. From Brand Impressions to Google Trends these tools will surely get you noticed.

Brand Impressions: Brand Impressions can help you analyse and compare similar search activity and shows how other golf courses have change their image and have evolved over time.

Mobile Planet Tool: One of the major keys to marketing and promotion is now via mobile apps. With this tool you can pull statistics, customize and create charts to ensure you have adequate insight into how to reorganise and further develop your business.

Consumer Barometer:  Google+ provides insights into how consumers are making their buying decisions, due to the evolution of technology and consumer behaviour.

Google Consumer Surveys: This new platform will allow you to use surveys to evaluate and change or adjust your target demographics.

Google Trends: With this tool you can see when and where there is discussion. You can even enter the conversation to get real time feedback on your brand or assess how your golf course compares to others in the market.

GoMoMeter: This is an awesome tool that lets you see how your presentation looks to others. Google+ also gives recommendations and reports to indicate where you need to improve to keep your golf course on top.

Real-Time Insights Finder: This Google+ tool essentially is a suite of tools that helps you see what people are searching for and how it correlates to your business.

What Google tools are you using?

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