Food and Beverage at Golf Courses 
It’s no secret that golf courses struggle with food and beverage in their operations. We’ve written blogs before, like ‘grow your food and beverage revenues‘ and ‘food and beverage trends‘ but it is still a challenge. One of the biggest obstacles comes with pricing your daily menu and your special events. Many regular golfers and members alike seem to have this notion that they should not pay fair market value for food and beverages when at the golf course.

The image to the right is one we took off of Facebook around Thanksgiving. The menu looks great (we’d eat there), but there is one thing standing out… THE PRICE! You cannot serve that menu and those menu items on a buffet for that price. You will lose money, that is a fact! After accounting for front of house labour, back of house labour and food costs this event will cost you money. Never mind the cost of simply turning on the lights, or the planning, prep, reservation taking etc before the event happens.

Setting Prices
When setting your food and beverage prices you need to come up with at minimum a system for your cost percentages. Do you know the following?

  • % of overhead (heat, lighting etc)
  • % of front of house labour (servers & bussers)
  • % of back of house labour (cooks & dishwashers) – plus prep time
  • % of food costs
  • % of profit from each buffet you wish to make

Until you have established the above you cannot realistically price your buffet meals, nor judge if you are succeeding financially. Anyway you cut it, you cannot charge $14.95 for the menu above and expect to make money!

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