2022 Website Review
Now that you have reviewed and edited your website we want to go one step further back on the customer experience. Before a new customer finds your website, they will likely find you through a search. What is that first experience like for your potential customers?

Google Search
Type your golf course name or a version of it into your search bar. Do not click on any pre-saved links.

  • Do you find your home page listed?
  • Is your Google listing (right hand side) up to date?
    • Does the website link lead where you want it to?
    • Is the location pin correct for getting directions (and not leading to your maintenance building)?
    • Are your hours correct?
  • Now try on your mobile device.
    • Is your phone number correct and clickable with one touch?
    • How is the viewing experience?

Search Ranking
Now we want you to Google yourself again but this time first search for this URL –  https://duckduckgo.com

Duck, Duck Go is a browser that claims privacy. Whether or not this is entirely true is up for a lot of debate, but what it does allow you to do is to search websites without your previous search history coming into play. What you see in supposed to be an ‘unbiased’ search.

In the Duck Duck Go search bar type the same words that you initially used for your first Google search. i.e. Your golf course name or a version of it.

What do you see this time?

  • Do you appear at the top of the list?
  • Who is doing paid advertising?
  • Are they your competitors?

Now type in key words for golf in your region. Think about what golfers would search if they had no idea where they wanted to play. ie [your city] + golf, golf + [your city], golf + [your region], golf courses, etc.

What do you see?

  • How high up the search do you appear?
  • Do you appear where you want to?
  • If items appear above you, does it makes sense why they do?

By ‘Googling’ your business on a regular basis you can see what your customers, and potential customers see. By using ‘Duck, Duck Go’ you can see what new customers see when searching for a golf course. You can also learn which of your customers are running paid Google ads and which ones rank above you without them.

We, Jeff and Tara Ciecko of CK Golf write two blogs, one is our 19th Hole Blog where we share personal experiences and the other an Industry Blog where we comment on general business and internet marketing best practices, sales strategies and give golf industry related opinions. We have owned CK Golf  for 14 years and provide business services to the golf and other industries. As of July 31, 2016 our life and our business became ‘location independent’. Our 19th Hole Blog is about the places we visit and the things we do. If you have any questions or comments, or happen to be in the same location as us please reach out and contact us anytime.