Do you know how you spend your day?
Do you really know how much time each day you spend on tasks that drive revenue to your business? How much time do you spend each day on tasks that could, and should, be delegated to someone else? In our travels and through our business reviews with golf course operators, it has become more and more common to see a General Manager or Owner taking on tasks that really, truly should be done by someone else.

Do you think it is a valuable use of time for your General Manager to be stuffing envelopes for your membership renewal mail out? No really?! We have seen this first hand. And this is NOT the best use of their time. A General Manager, Owner, Head Golf Professional or whoever is the real ‘face’ of your business should be focused on tasks that are just that – front facing, sales oriented, revenue driving tasks. Period.

Track Your Time
Your homework is to track your time for one week (or even better 2 weeks or a month). Keep a log of what you do each day and for how long. Simple. After the week is over look back at all of the tasks and do some analysis. How many of these tasks could, and should, be delegated? How much time do you spend on revenue generating activities for your business? How much time do you spend on emails that really get nothing accomplished? How much time in meetings?

We have taken this homework on ourselves for the month of March. We are using a free, cool tool called Toggl. You can register for free to track each task you do. Or if you prefer, go old school and just use a notebook or online note.

Change Your Routine
Once you take a good hard look at how you spend your time, the hard part is how to change your daily routine. We know this is hard. We have tried before and still sometimes get stuck in the same time sucking routines. But by merely doing this exercise every once in a while we are much more aware of how we spend our time and more careful about using it wisely. This exercise also gets us back into the very, very good habit of parceling time and tasks i.e. focusing on one thing at a time. We all know that this is much more efficient than jumping back and forth but when you actually time yourself on something it makes you stay focused on just that one thing.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate
Your mission is to keep yourself focused on the most important tasks and delegate the other ones. There are some tasks that only can be done by you, but we are almost certain that you will find tasks in your daily routine that you really should not be doing.

If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate– Richard Branson

It’s amazing what can be accomplished by any person if he doesn’t care who gets the credit. – Sign on Ronald Reagan’s desk

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