Golf Operator Magazine
In an email this morning Golf Operator Magazine came out with a post titled “Golf Now is Golf FREE”. The essence of the post is that with Golf Now’s recent purchase of “” your golf course’s tee times can now be sold at an all time lowest rate possible. It appears Golf Now takes their last minute unsold inventory you have given them and moves it over to And you, the golf course owner/operator will not even be aware of the rate.

You can read the full post here.

We did some of our own research on local BC last minute tee times and were quite surprised at what we found! See the screen shots below.

The BC golf market has done a reasonable job at keeping Golf Now at bay, but they are pushing hard. We get calls from our clients almost daily telling us how they have again been approached by Golf Now. Giving up control of your tee times and your rates is never in the best interest of your golf club. It also hurts the whole golf industry in your region as the golfer gets accustomed to looking for the lowest rate. 

In response to issues regarding 3rd Party Resellers the NGCOA Canada has written an Official Policy Statement. Please read the statement and form your own opinion. Proceed with caution.

If you would like to discuss this or any other yield management strategies, feel free to connect with us anytime. We will be at the NGCOA Conference in Victoria November 21st to 23rd and look forward to seeing you all.


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