This is a guest post by John Randle of John Randle Golf

Bubba Watson Wins Masters Without A Golf Lesson?
After yesterday’s Masters, many people are buzzing about a guy rising to the top of the sport without ever getting a lesson.  I think this is an endorsement for the direction golf professionals are going with their instruction.  Professionals who are leading the game are now being referred to as “Coaches” and not as much as “Teachers”.

Bubba has never had a lesson but I can assure you he has received lots of coaching along the way.

  • – He played on a high school team with a coach and 2 other future PGA Tour players
  • – He played college golf at University of Georgia with a full time coach and several other exceptional golfers
  • – He is married to a former university athlete who has competed at a very high level
  • – He plays practice rounds with and is friends with several other PGA Tour players who all have coaches.  He has heard stuff!
  • – He has a caddy who offers some input into course strategy, etc.

Anyway, I think it is awesome that he has found his own best golf swing and has taken his incredible talents for shot creation all the way to a major championship.  I wish more golfers would play “Golf” like he does and not be out on the golf course trying to play “Golf Swing”.

What are the lessons we can learn from Bubba:

  • – If your swing already creates golf shots good enough for your needs, don’t mess with it, no matter what it may look like. But, if your scores aren’t to your liking, you need some coaching…
  • – When you play golf, pick a shot to hit, focus only on the shot (not your swing) and be free of fear
  • – You will need to work on your mental game to be able to play golf without mental interference and fear.  Bubba used to battle with nerves and would lose his composure while trying to play.  He has learned how to keep his focus until after he has finished.  I wonder if he learned this all on his own?

Congratulations to Bubba Watson on a great and well deserved victory!!  I am a huge fan and look forward to watching him for many years to come!

Gotta go, heading to the “Coaching Tee”

Cheers, John Randle

You can contact John here! John is the Golf Academy Director at the Bear Mountain Golf Resort. He offers golf coaching and golf schools in Victoria, BC.