Consumer Trade Shows
There are a whole list of consumer focused trade shows coming up this spring, some golf specific and others that golf courses may still benefit from attending. Here are our reasons why you should attend at least one targeted trade show this spring and our tips to get the biggest return on your investment.
Why Your Golf Course Should Attend A Consumer Golf Show This Spring

trade-show-21. Buying decisions are influenced by what consumers can see and touch.
2. Visitors will tell others about what they saw.
3. According to a study by Exhibit Surveys 50% of attendees will make a purchase as a result of attending a show.
4. Pre-season is the right time to make a lasting impression.
5. Relationships with customers and potential customers can be built in a few minutes face-to-face.
How To Attend a Consumer Golf Show

1. Take time to figure out how you are going to present at your best. What can you do to stand out in a crowd? 
2. Decide on ONLY one or two key messages. You may have only a minute with each consumer so make the most of it.
3. Make your booth open and inviting, don’t place the table across the front. And no chairs. Interact, don’t sit. Engage with each person that walks by with at minimum a smile.
4. Discuss how you will engage visitors to collect as many names as possible for your database.
5. Keep a special log of highly engaged visitors such as those that enquire about a tournament, lesson package, banquet etc. and offer to follow up with them with more specific information within a week.
6. Give your staff a pre-show pep-talk. Encourage them to engage – move towards visitors coming into the booth, make eye contact and pose questions.
7. Make sure that each of your staff in attendance gets a chance to walk the entire show floor to look at competitor and supplier booths for ideas and inspirations.
8. Networking is a valuable part of exhibiting, don’t just talk to visitors, take some time to connect with your fellow exhibitors, you never know what can come from the connections you create.
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