We Got Robbed 
By WE I mean one of the golf courses we manage in Alberta. It was a couple of weeks ago. From what we can see on the security cameras the thieves (in a stolen vehicle) backed up to the front doors of the Clubhouse. They were unsuccessful in getting the doors off using rope and the truck. Mostly because of their inability to tie a knot. They had more success using an axe (see picture) to make their way in. They tied their rope around the ATM and the stolen truck bumper. Once they jumped on the gas in the truck they managed to yank the ATM off it’s mounts and away from the wall. The ATM bounced off a couple of walls and down the first flight of stairs. The two thieves then walked in and removed the GPS from the ATM before picking up the “safe” box and walking back out the front door. They threw the ATM in the back of the truck and took off. 

The whole thing lasted less than 5 minutes!

The Real Cost of Getting Robbed
They got away with $940 which is the amount that was left in the ATM! What the golf club got left with is a $5,000 deductible to get the money back, repair the walls, replace pieces of flooring and install new front doors. All told there was about $15,000 worth of damage done. Nice!! And this doesn’t include the time the team is spending acquiring quotes, dealing with insurance and meeting contractors.

IF the thieves had called ahead and told us what they planned to do we would have likely just written them a check for $940 and everyone could get on with life! And the golf club would be $4,060 better off for it. This is how $940 becomes $15,000

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