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As a follow up to our Hashtags 101 this blog will give you some basic tips on following hashtags that are relevant to your business.

Using twitter.com you can check out any hashtag you like. Simply type # and the hashtag text that you want to view in the search bar. This will allow you to find people to follow and/or join a conversation about the given topic. Twitter search

While twitter.com will give you hashtag results this process will be very tedious and time consuming if you want to search and track multiple hashtags.Instead, we suggest a 3rd party application such as hootsuite or tweetdeck. (Tara uses hootsuite and Jeff uses both). 

Both hootsuite and tweetdeck are free for desktop for basic use and have paid upgrades for users with multiple accounts and for mobile. For basic use, the free versions are just fine. The examples below use hootsuite.

Once you have set up hootsuite on your desktop you can add any stream that you would like up to a maximum of 10. These streams can include your mentions, hashtag searches, keyword searches, any lists that you create or any search that you create and save. We suggest started with one hashtag stream (such as your city) and one keyword stream (either golf and your location or your golf course name). Keep in mind that people may use all types of variations of your golf course name so using the keyword tool is recommended over simply using your own hashtag as you may miss posts.

Twitter Streams

Once your streams are set up it is easy to monitor and join any conversations about your golf course, golf in general or your region in general. Watch the people that are tweeting and follow the relevant ones in hopes that they will follow you back. Engage in any relevant conversations that you can provide value.

Hootsuite Streams

While hootsuite will take an hour or so to set up and get your streams in place it will help save you time in the long run and allow you to participate on twitter most efficiently. You should allocate one hour at the start of your week to check your streams, find followers, join conversation and set up some timed tweets. Then you need about 30 minutes a day throughout the week to tweet on the fly and check your mentions. This is enough time to keep your twitter feed active. If you have more time engage more!

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