My First Blog For CK Golf
You know you are part of the team when Jeff & Tara ask you to write a blog for the CK Golf website. Here is my first attempt and I guess I’ll know how they liked it if I get asked to write another!

No Specific Workplace
I’m Jordie Arthur and I am the Senior Associate with CK Golf. I was told I could have whatever title I wanted, except owner of course. This one seems to fit for now.

Contrary to Jeff and Tara and their well-known location independence, I prefer to have a home base most of the time (my workspace is pictured). Currently I spend most of my time at my home in Abbotsford, BC. This means that I am almost never in the same place as the rest of the CK Golf team.

Working with no specific workplace can be a challenging experience under the wrong conditions. However, it can also be incredibly effective to work with people in multiple different places. To make sure we get the most out of this arrangement there are a few things we need and tools we use.

Here Are Three of the Main Things We Require to be Successful at CK Golf

Zoom, or any other video conferencing software, is a lifeline for meetings when you can’t meet in person. I went numerous months without ever having an in-person meeting with Jeff and Tara, but because of zoom we can stay connected and organized for all our projects.

Email and Phone
Without constant contact via email and phone calls (including text messages), it would be impossible to communicate effectively as a team and with our clients. Despite email sometimes feeling slow to get a response, it is still one of the most common and effective forms of communication.

You need to be able to form a coherent and professional message no matter whether its via email or even just a text. Not only does it give credibility to what you do, but a well crafted and thought-out message saves you from needing to go back and forth to iron out small details.

You Have to be Damn Good at What You Do
To make all this work you need to be fantastic at what you do. Luckily at CK Golf we are (I believe).

Whether it is creating content, helping to optimize customer messaging for our clients, or finding you ways to generate leads, we will help you enhance your internet marketing.

Stay Tuned for new blogs from me in the near future with my thoughts about marketing, golf, sales and more!

With the golf season now kicking into full swing there is sure to be an endless list of topics to cover. I hope you enjoyed this short read!

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