Attracting Business People 
More and more businesses and business people are moving away from the ‘brick and mortar’ office type buildings. They are working remotely whenever they can (we are a perfect example of this). There are two things that are important to this type of business person, both of which will drive them to your business over and over again. 

Growing Your Food and Beverage Business
We’ve blogged before on this topic with ‘Why You Need a Fresh Sheet‘ and ‘Grow Your Food and Beverage Revenues‘. This blog is a bit of a different take on what will make your restaurant more attractive to the business person on the go.

What Business People Want
Speaking as two business people who travel, what we look for in a restaurant when we are on the road are two things:

One ~ You must have good, free WIFI. This is non-negotiable if you want us to ever return. And don’t make the sign-in process overly onerous, business travellers move quick and don’t have time to fool around with your login procedures.

Two ~ Have plugs, both USB and regular outlets. If you do we are likely to stay longer. I understand the argument about turning over tables for new customers, but we get it, we’re business people. If we are occupying a spot in your restaurant or bar, we understand we need to eat and/ or have a beverage (or two) while we are there. You will make more money and attract the business clientele if you do these two things. We also tend to work in off peak times when it is quieter!

A shout out to the Boston Pizza in Hinton, Alberta (where the pictures are from) and Tap and Barrel (all locations) in Vancouver who both nail the above points!


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