Food and Beverage
Anyone in the golf business in a senior management role will know how difficult it can be to grow or improve the bottom line results of your Food and Beverage business. In our experience it is something that can occupy 90% of your time but only return 10% to the bottom line (and often less than that).

Strategize Your Marketing
Working with golf clubs lately we’ve been strategizing about great ideas or best practices to try and put their F&B operations in the black. Here are three things that have worked well:

  1. Reach out to local area realtors and offer them a discount to bring their clients in for a lunch meeting. Realtors are always looking for a place to meet clients and why not at the golf course rather than a local coffee shop. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase  your facility to people new to the area and it could pay long term dividends like Membership.
  2. Most golf courses don’t do the volume of business to have more than 4 – 6 draft beers on tap. Change it up and introduce “Bomber Beers”. Bombers are beers in the large bottles (usually 22 ounces). The larger beer format means a larger retail price ($12-$15) and can increase your top line revenues without the fear of waste from a keg.
  3. Introduce the 40 minute lunch “guarantee”. Time is money and business people don’t have time to waste. At some Club’s this only includes select items on the lunch menu and allows them to ensure they can deliver on their promise.

Don’t forget… any of these ideas are useless unless they are backed by a solid marketing and promotions strategy!

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