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We’ve recently been working with a number of clients on their sales strategies for event business, both banquet only and corporate golf tournaments. In all cases these golf courses could use more, larger, event business. We have a full sales strategy that we have been implementing and are seeing some good results, but in one case, for a number of reasons, were not getting the results we hoped for.

Create Your Own Events
In some instances the easiest way to grow your business may be to create your own events! You own the format, control the pricing and manage the organization of the event. In the case of this client we created a couple of new events. These are not new ideas by any means but the managers are putting in the effort to drum up some fall/ winter business at the facility.

  • Ironman – all play is from the tees as far back as possible with the toughest pins on each hole. Expected participation, 100 players (includes a dinner). The unique (different) format has golfers buzzing about the event.
  • Live Music – one night only, live “mobile” musician who moves around the tables singing, playing guitar and mingling with guests. Dinner has a premium $6 additional fee for each person to cover the costs. Expected attendance, 75 guests (one only or max one per month).
  • Everything Must Go – golf event with a dinner component (another stolen idea). We are waving the green fee and putting the entire entry fee to the prize table (everyone will get something), turning unsold merchandise into cash for the winter months. Expected participation 100 players (includes a dinner).

These are just a few ideas, sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns and create your own business.


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