We all know how important Google can be to our businesses. We have been really focused on Google My Business (GMB) for all of our clients (you can read a three part series we wrote on GMB here) and while still very important we have started equally focusing on Google Reviews.

GMB & Google Maps
Before you can get started there are two important things Google requires. Your business needs to be a ‘place’ within Google Maps and you need to verify your business within Google My Business. Also, remember soliciting reviews based on a reward or contest is in contradiction of Google’s terms of service (be careful).

Google Reviews
Here are 5 good reasons your should be soliciting Google Reviews.

  1. Most of your customers will leave you a positive review. You just have to ask them (see the link below).
  2. Higher reviews = higher ranking in the Google Search ranking. Ever hear the term “Google It”. Your ranking is important and the more reviews you have the higher it will be.
  3. Link to your Google Review page from your website. Make it easy on your customers. You should also include a link when sending newsletters.
  4. Ask for reviews on social media. Again make it easy on your customers as they are most likely to want to leave positive reviews.
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff or worry about negative reviews. Everyone will get a negative review. Don’t worry about it, the positive will far out way the negative. But DO remember to respond to all reviews, good and the bad. Google likes this!

Here is link from Google that explains how to create a URL and ask your customers to write a review about your golf course.

If you like CK Golf Solutions, feel free to leave us a Google Review!

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