New Gallus Golf Mobile App Features
This post is a follow up to our series on Mobile Apps specifically for the golf industry. You can read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 which cover why you should have an app and how to promote it, how to use geofences and the benefits of push notifications. CK Golf has been working with Gallus Golf for 4+ years. Gallus Golf is a leader in the mobile app industry and provides a golf specific app that has proven to generate revenue when used effectively. Recently Gallus has added a few new features to the app that will help golf courses increase their user base and ultimately generate more revenue.

Offer Locker
Of the new features added we are most excited about the Offer Locker. The Offer Locker is a promotional tool that can be used to drive both customer loyalty and engagement. In the ‘Locker’ golf courses can upload a promotion that is time sensitive or one use only or both. We see can see advantages and uses of both. We will be using Offer Locker for our clients to help increase the number of downloads and also to reward loyalty.

 1. An ‘on-boarding offer’ can be set up so when a new user downloads the app their offer locker will include a one time use  promotion. This could be a free bucket of balls, a 2 for 1 green fee voucher, a restaurant coupon etc depending on your operation and what you want to promote. But it is important that you simply don’t just redeem the offer and not take the opportunity to engage with your new user. 

*When the new user comes in to redeem their offer your staff should be trained and ready to give them a quick overview of the features, show them how to book a tee time (to reduce your number of phone calls) and to MAKE SURE they have their push notifications turned on. This is key.

2. A one time use offer or a time sensitive offer can be set up at anytime for all of your users to promote any area of your business. You can use this tool to boost a specific area of your operation at the same time as rewarding your users. 

*Again, if you your staff is trained and ready for the redemptions to come in you can use the engagement opportunity to promote something further, provide a piece of important information or again encourage push to be turned on.

Important Feature
The Offer Locker allows the golf course to create codes that the staff members use to redeem the offer. There can be one code for your shop, or even one code for every staff member, depending how detailed you want to be. Having the offers un-locked by a code allows you to track exactly who is using the offer, when they are redeeming it and which staff members they are speaking to (if you use individual codes). All of this info can be useful for future offers or other promotions.

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