2017 Golf Facilities Report
Back in June Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada published the Golf Facilities in Canada Report as a follow up to the same report published in 2015. We will link to both reports but we know that many of you are in full swing at your facilities right now (and would rather read them this winter) so here are some highlights and items that made us go ‘Hmmm’…

9-Hole Facilities
~ In 2015 the report stated that 37% of Canadian facilities were 9 holes, in 2017 this dropped to 28%. 
~ Overall the number of courses in Canada dropped from 2,346 to 2,298.
~ The number of 9-hole courses dropped from 860 to 838.
~ We are just surprised that given the value we see in 9 hole golf that the 9-hole percentage has declined so much.

6- or 12-Hole Facilities
~ In 2015 there were three 6-hole facilities, but in 2017 only one.
~ The number of 12-hole facilities remained the same at 12 in both reports.
~ Again, given all the talk about these types of golf courses there are actually less of them, not more.

Read the full 2017 Golf Facilities in Canada Report
Read the full 2015 Golf Facilities in Canada Report

Golf Supply
~ There have been 26 documented course openings since 2010 and 51 recorded closures just since 2015.
~ Ontario, Québec, Alberta, and BC have 70% of all closures, but they also account 77% of Canada’s total golf supply.
~ Most of the closures were stand-alone, public courses.
~ Nine-hole facilities were closed at a rate of more than 2 to 1 when compared to 18-hole facility closures.
Again, Hmmm…

If time and price are two of the barriers to golf, then why are the facility closures coming more rapidly at 9-hole facilities than at 18-hole facilities? Is it merely a factor of where these 9-hole facilities were located? Not close enough to a larger golfing population? Or is there something else to it?

What do you think? Leave us a comment below.


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