The Year That Was
In the year that was (yes it’s almost over), most golf courses we work with have learned a few things (read the blog here). So with the idea of ‘new ideas’ in mind, we wanted to throw out one to get some feedback:

Would you sell your golf course’s name?
Hockey arenas, football, basketball and baseball stadiums do it. Why not golf courses?

Naming Rights
It is interesting to note that in the past year, Kraft Heinz is wrapping up a 20 year, 57 Million deal (think about that number) with the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers! According to the Hustle the deal was expected to be worth $2.8M per year over 20 years. Most companies pay between $5M and $12M (per year) for naming rights. Along the same lines Axios reports that private lender SoFi is expected to pay a whopping $400m over 20 years to put its name on the new NFL Rams/ Chargers stadium in Los Angeles ($20M per year) starting in 2021.

Golf Course Naming Rights
We certainly don’t predict or suggest that golf courses could garner the same amount of money for the naming rights as the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB or even MLS. However, it is an interesting discussion! The only Canadian golf course that we are aware of that has sold their naming rights is Collicutt Siding Golf Club in Alberta and TS & M Woodlawn Golf Club in Saskatchewan. We found this one online, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more.

It’s an interesting idea.

Leave us a comment with your thoughts on selling the name of your Golf Club!

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