Golf Canada, in partnership with the PGA of Canada, has released Golf Facilities in Canada 2015—the definitive report on golf facilities and development in Canada.

Golf Facilities in Canada 2015 is the result of a collaborative effort between Golf Canada, the PGA of Canada and the National Golf Foundation (NGF), a golf industry knowledge research firm which delivers independent and objective market intelligence, insights and trends.

The report identifies all existing public and private facilities in the country; and defines supply by province, type and number of holes. The report also includes information on facility openings and closings, as well as the number and type of facilities currently in development.

Click here to view the full report!

Highlights that interest us the most…

  • Nine-hole golf accounts for almost 37 per cent of Canada’s total supply, which outnumbers 18-hole supply in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan, 18-hole courses are outnumbered 3 to 1 by 9-hole courses.
  • Canada features nine 12-hole facilities (six of which are in Ontario) and three 6-hole facilities.

These stats were the most surprising to us but also the most promising. Six, nine or twelve hole golf courses address both time and cost constraints. While they make up 37% of the total # of courses it would be interesting to know the total revenues that they represent (which would be much, much lower) but is also where the most growth potential lies.


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