Attending a Golf Consumer Show
We wrote blog in the fall about why you should attend a consumer show and how you should do it. And there is still time to register. There are upcoming shows across Canada and in the US starting in February. Here are some ideas of what you can do to increase the value of your attendance AND your sales AFTER the show:

~ Hold a post-show meeting with all of those that attended and collect feedback on the successes and failures of your team’s golf show experience. Also discuss competitors and keep a record of ideas for the future. Do this ASAP so you will not forget your impressions of the show. Keep detailed notes for future planning.

~ We know that you kept track of your connections at the show, be they consumers that you rated as A or B, suppliers, other attendees or associations. If you had any Grade A consumer connections engage with them immediately! Keep a list of other connections as well, you never know when one of your customers may come in and ask for that new piece of equipment from a supplier you don’t usually stock. Now you have the connection to make it happen.

~ Do something with the data that you collected. If you collected email addresses, send an email, soon! If you collected social profiles then reach out and thank each attendee separately, soon!  If you ran a contest on social or in person post the results, post them everywhere, and post them soon! The longer you wait the less engaged the consumer will be when they finally hear from you. If you do not follow up on any and all leads then what was your real motivation for attending the show in the first place?

Upcoming Shows

Vancouver Golf & Travel Show
February 18-19

Spokane Golf Show
February 18-19

Portland Golf Show
February 24-26

Atlantic Canada Golf Expo
February 25-26

Seattle Golf & Travel Show
March 4-5

Winnipeg Golf Expo
March 10-12

Ottawa-Gatineau Golf Expo
March 11-12

Montreal Golf Expo
March 17-19

Quebec Golf Expo
April 8-9

Questions – Just ask us!
CK Golf will be in attendance at the shows in Vancouver, Seattle and Winnipeg. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have about any of the shows listed here. Want to talk more about the benefits of your golf course attending then give us a call at 604-5062226 or send an email to anytime!

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