The 2015 Golf Season is Coming
It is hard to believe but the 2015 golf season is right around the corner (if it hasn’t started already). Hopefully by now everyone has enjoyed some well deserved time off and is busy preparing for the upcoming golf season. Here is a short list of things you need to consider and update before the season gets into full swing.

5 Things To Prepare For The Upcoming Golf Season

1. Update the copyright date on your website. Nothing says outdated content more than a copyright date that is not in the current year.

2. Be sure your website is enhanced for mobile viewing. On your smart phone search your own golf course and see how it views. If you  have to expend your screen with your fingers, then your site is not mobile. 2015 is going to be a year that mobile viewing will dominate the market and if your aren’t making the user experience easy your customers will move on. Here is some information on mobile web viewing.

3. Incorporate social media into your staff training. Be sure everyone on your team is aware of your handles and what platforms you are using. Here is a previous example of a customer experience you do not want your golfers to have!

4. Create a content calendar for your blog (and Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms you are going to use). Be sure you have timely posts for various promotions and events you are running throughout the year. Here is an example of how to create your content calendar.

5. Get your staff involved with your social media channels. Your customer is looking for something different from you, a peak behind the scenes of what makes your operation run effectively. One person in particular that can help set you apart in your social communications is your Superintendent. Let them speak!


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