Facebook Paid Ads
We have been using Facebook ads for our clients for several years and have written about the value of paying to get more eyes in past blog posts. While we believe that engagement and organic reach are very important we also still believe that paying for ‘eyes’ is extremely valuable. And the price to do so has not increased very much over the last few years, still being a great bargain compared to other methods of advertising. But that may all change!

Forced to Pay
Facebook is currently testing a new feed called ‘Explore’. This feed is separate from your regular ‘News’ feed and contains the posts from all the Pages that you follow. This means that Facebook users see the posts from their Friends on one feed and their Pages on another. We all know what this means for Pages…the chances of your posts being seen goes down even further – exclamation point!

Not in North America
Currently the new separate ‘Explore’ feed is being tested in Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala and Cambodia. Facebook has declared that this is just a test. We believe that Facebook is concerned and is looking at ways to keep their users engaged with content that they truly want to see. Feeds are getting clogged up with all kinds of ‘crap’ and Facebook knows that if this continues for too long it will lose users. 

What does this mean? 
Facebook is unpredictable. Businesses that use Facebook can never know what is coming next – a new search algorithm or a new feed all together. A new feed might lead to all business content needing to be paid content in order to reach the intended user. Who knows? But what we know right now is that your content needs to be awesome. We all need to step up our content game. Facebook needs good content to keep its users. Your business needs content that is so good that people will make an extra click or two to see it – if it comes to that.

Let’s make this golf off-season all about finding new ways to create bigger and better content for all of our followers.

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