We get asked all the time about Facebook and what are some of the best practices to leverage your company or brand’s page! So we thought we would post a blog with our top 5 proven best practices for using Facebook pages.

Facebook Best Practices

1. How Often Should I Post?
The answer to this is of course subjective but Facebook is moving faster (not quite as fast as Twitter but faster than a few years ago). We used to suggest twice per day (every 12 hours) but with the speed that Facebook moves we are now suggesting you need to post about every 6-8 hours. 

2. What are the Best Times of Day to Post?
There is no right or wrong answer to this question but our “testing” of Facebook (mainly for golf course clients) suggests the following:
     Best: Mid-day Monday to mid-day Friday, Saturday morning and Sunday early evening have had the best results for us.
     Worst: Monday morning, Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday morning/mid-day have had the worst results for us.

3. What if I Don’t Have Anything to Say?
The internet is an amazing tool that can help you to find content of your Facebook post. Google topics like “golf jokes”, “golf cartoons”, “Friday funnies” etc. and you will find more than enough content to keep your page relevant when we cannot come up with engaging content about your facility, staff, location, products or services.

4. What Type of Posts Get the Best Engagement?
Everyone’s Facebook page is going to be different, but we find that photos with one or two sentences of text get the highest engagement. Posts with hyperlinks to “more information” get the 2nd highest engagement for us.

5. Can I Use a Timer to Pre-set My Facebook Posts?
You bet! Facebook pages have a feature that personal FB pages do not, which is the ability to schedule your posts. Set your posts up in advance a week at a time, but leave time to add posts as last minute items come up and to provide responses to questions or comments. Don’t forget if you are using timers and a “World Event” happens to delete your timed posts. Social Media has taught us that being in “sales mode” during a major event will do more harm to your brand than help it.

We hope that helps you with your Facebook marketing!

We are almost always connected so if you have Facebook or other social platform questions send us a note anytime.

Gaslamp District, San Diego, CA February 2013

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