Facebook Advertising
At first we were very wary of Facebook ad campaigns as a way to get eyes on our clients content. But over the last year we have used the boost post and page promotion paid tools in Facebook to gain some results. We are still not fans of the fact that Facebook is basically forcing us to pay for eyeballs with its ever changing algorithm to determine who sees what content – but at least we can say it works.

This is part one of a two part post on Facebook Ads. This post shows samples of Facebook Boost Posts while the next will show samples of Facebook Ads to Promote Pages.

Paying Facebook to Boost a Post
Boosted posts show up higher in news feeds so there is more chance the audience will see them. Boosted posts will appear as sponsored. Boosted posts don’t appear in the right column of Facebook.

Our CK Golf Solutions Facebook Page has 648 fans. Here is the stats on how many people saw our last five posts. We chose not to pay to boost any of these posts.

Untitled 1
These results are fairly typical for our Facebook Page. Our reach ranges dramatically based on the content and time of day of the post. This is called by Facebook ‘organic reach’.

We are working with a new client who’s Facebook Page has 126 likes. We chose to pay $5 to boost a post with an important and timely call to action.

Untitles 3

The post was promoted to the US and Canada to anyone ages 22 – 65 (both male and female) who listed ‘Golf’ as one of their interests. The post was seen by 2,588 people. This is called by Facebook ‘paid reach’. While Facebook tells us the stats only for Facebook engagement we know that while the post was boosted 38 people visited the posted page on the clients website directly from Facebook. (This is why you need analytics on your website – to track things like this).
In another example we chose a much more specific audience because of who the client is and got similar results.

This client’s Facebook page has 498 fans. We chose to pay $5 to promote the post to only Fans and Friends of Fans of the page. The post was seen by 2,455 people. (We do not have access to the website analytics for this client).

A Clear Call to Action
While it does not make sense to pay to boost all of your posts on Facebook there is an advantage to getting more eyeballs on the posts that have a clear call to action. If you are sharing interesting information, tips, opinions, thoughts or other ramblings these are probably not the right posts to boost. But when you are posting a tee time special with a “book now” link directly to your tee sheet or a reserve now promotion for Mother’s Day with a direct phone number you may see better results with $5 or $10 spent.

Test the boost post function on Facebook for a few posts that you have a clear and measurable call to action on and see how it works for you.

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