Emoji 101
We have a 14 year old niece who uses Instagram the same way we (the old folks) use a text. She and her friends communicate in a short hand language that few over 30 would dare to understand. So for all of you (and us) who have no idea what we are taking about this is our Emoji 101.

An Emoji is an image or icon that expresses an emotion or an idea. The most common emoji for us old timers is the smiley face or old school :). Emojis have now evolved from just facial expressions to everything from time, weather, transportation, people, places, nature. You name it there is probably an emoji for it. There are even emojis to represent the current, past and future tense of an action. Yes really!

Sleeping EmojiSleepy Emoji
On first look these emojis might represent sleeping and crying right? Only half right. The first is sleeping (as in quiet the baby is sleeping) while the second is sleepy (as in I’m sleepy and soon there will be a snot bubble coming out of my nose). Yes really.How about these two beauties. See the difference? astonishDizzy EmojiThe one with the teeth is astonished (as in shocked) while the one without the teeth is dizzy (as in I am actually dizzy and don’t feel well). Who comes up with these things?!

The first emoji was created in 1998 or 1999 as part of a platform called i-mode that used messaging features to help facilitate electronic communication. Originally only available in Japan, emoji character sets have now been incorporated into Unicode (the computer industry standard for consistent coding) and are now available for Apple and Android.

There is now an Emojipedia website that lists all of the characters and their meanings as well as an Emoji Dictionary in which the public can contribute to add clarification and meaning. So if you have more interest in Emojis you can read on but be careful as you could waste alot of time. There are about 1,000 officially unicoded and widely available emojis but this number is growing with each new release of an Apple or Android platform.

At least now when our niece sends a message, instead of looking at each other with the ‘what the f*%k’ face we can look up what she is saying online. If there is an emoji for that exact expression we could not find it, but there should be.


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