We Are All In Sales 
You all know by now if you read this blog that “we are all in sales”. You can read Part 1 of the Sales Funnel here and/ or Part 2 here. If you really want to improve your sales techniques and strategies you should download our FREE guide here.

Email Follow-Up
Email follow-up is worth the effort. How often do you send an email and forget it? Email is worthy of following up and making sure you get a response (particularly if it involves sales or revenue). Email follow-up is worth the effort. People have a lot going on and it is not up to them to reply, but it is up to you to put in the effort to follow-up.

News flash… people do not open every email you send them! I know right? The follow-up email is just as important as the first email. It gives prospects another chance to respond or to hear your ‘pitch’. Consumers often need to see/ hear your pitch multiple times before making a purchasing decision.

Email Follow-Up Strategy
Create a simple spreadsheet with columns that say: Initial Email – cold lead, Follow-Up – warm lead (5 days later), 2nd Follow-Up – hot lead (10 days later), Did They Book or Purchase? If not you can move them back to the cold lead status but keep them in your sales funnel. You never know!


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