Donations in the Golf Business
Spring… it’s that time of year when everyone in the golf business gets inundated with donation requests. How do you measure the value and more importantly the return on the promotion you get from donations?

Sometimes it is other golf courses making a request for golf rounds for events hosted at their club, like a Member-Guest. Those are easy decisions to make and really depend on your relationship with the other golf course. The simplest and easiest thing to do is an exchange for golf rounds. Now you have something you can use as prizes in your Mens or Ladies nights!

We have two criteria for donations to not for profits:

#1 Donations for Marketing
If you donate rounds of golf (or anything else for that matter) what sort of marketing do you get in return? Do you ask for a logo inclusion on signage, programs or on the dinner table? You should! There should also be some value in return that promotes your business beyond just giving away a prize. 

Bonus: Follow-up and ask to see copies or photos of your logo and business on display at the event. Hold the event accountable for assisting with the promotion of your business.

Bonus 2: Ask them to tag your business in their social media mentions so you can see that (or if) they give you any mention.

#2 Donations to Charities
All charities are great causes particularly if you have a personal connection to them. However, in a number of cases charity tournaments that come looking for a donation are held at golf courses other than your own. This is fine and certainly worth consideration but there are some questions you should be asking when making your decision. This includes things like…

“Does the event move around and will your facility have the opportunity to bid on it in the future?”

“Would your course be able to host (at a cost) a party for volunteers?”

“Does the charity have a staff golf day or Christmas party that they would consider moving to your facility?”

Bonus: When you make a donation establish a relationship with the organizers and put them in your sales funnel. This may pay dividends down the road.

Bonus 2: Ask them to tag your business in their social media mentions so you can see that (or if) they give you any mention.

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