Member Golf Tournaments
Here is a question for both golf course operators and members of a golf club (you may be both).

Do Member Golf Tournaments/ Events add value to your annual Membership fees? At a few facilities we are working with there has been a significant downward trend in participation for Member golf tournaments. We know that this is not unique. One Golf Club had 14% participation in their Club Championship. What that means on the flip side is that 86% of Members chose not to participate in the Golf Club’s Annual Club Championship Tournament! Not great. 

Running Golf Tournaments
If you are in the golf business you know that running a golf tournament for 30, 60 or 90 people is roughly the same amount of work. So we say, the more the merrier! It’s the same amount of work either way but the event is more successful for both participants and the facility if there are more participants.

At what point does your Golf Club consider cancelling events like ‘open’ tournaments, ‘mixed two balls’ or even the ‘Club Championship’?

What’s Involved With a Golf Tournament
While there is a fair amount of work involved in running golf tournaments, there can be revenue benefits (which we are all for)! However when 86% of your annual dues paying Members choose not to participate in Club run events, it is at their expense. What we mean is…they (the majority) lose access to the golf course at the expense of the small group who want these events. You (the operator) can’t be everything to everyone. Sometimes you have to make some hard decisions (that benefit the majority) and that may mean cancelling events. Sometimes the answer is just… NO.

How do you evaluate the value of Member golf tournaments? Leave us a comment.

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