Social Media Negativity
Many of the golf courses that we work with were scared of social media to start with because of their fear of the negative comments they might receive. However, once they jump on board the platforms that suit them best (and begin monitoring others) they see that the benefits of engaging with a community out ways the potential risk. This does not mean that they never receive any negative feedback through the various platforms. It just means that they are not scared of these comments and can deal with them in a positive way.

Build Fans
Sometimes those that leave a negative comment can be transformed into a raving fan if the situation is handled correctly. If you acknowledge their comment or complaint and try to resolve the issue they see that you are willing to communicate. If their followers see your attempts to resolve the situation they also see that you are engaged and responsive.

Check list for Social Media Comments

  • Respond to every comment whether positive or negative.
  • Say thank you for the positive and respond to try to resolve or diffuse the negative.
  • If appropriate make a joke to lighten the situation. 
  • Say sorry publicly.
  • Try to take the conversation offline by offering to call or email the individual personally.
  • Try to resolve the situation so that the commenter becomes an advocate for your business and tells their followers how happy they were with your response.
  • If the conversations remains online get the facts about the whole situation and the facts about the sender (review their profiles so that you gain an understanding of who you are taking too).
  • If the conversation escalates to a point where you can no longer be helpful do not be afraid to end it with a definitive response. 
  • Remember – Some people may be trolls. There is nothing you can do about trolls but ignore them.

Being afraid of negative comments is not a valid reason to not be using social media platforms for your business. It is just an excuse. And in reality there are many more people out there willing to provide positive comments, feedback, praise and endorsements than there are trolls.

Jeff & Tara Ciecko
 of CK Golf Solutions write two blogs on their website, one is there 19th Hole Blog where they share personal experiences and the Biz Blog where they share business best practices and golf industry related opinions. They have owned CK Golf Solutions for 5 years and provide marketing, social media and business services to the golf industry.