Custom Facebook Pages
You may have see Facebook Pages lately that do not look like regular Facebook pages? In recent months Facebook has made it possible for programmers and designers to work together to provide customized landing pages for businesses on Facebook. This means that no longer does a business need to follow the standard Facebook layout but can have customers land on a truly unique and branded page for your company on Facebook.

A customized Facebook page drives more “Likes” and increases the number of impressions that every message you post will generate. Our custom Facebook page helped us achive a 4% grow in new “likes” in the first two weeks after we launched it. View the CK Golf Solutions customized Facebook page here .

Red Bull Custome Facebook Page
Onve of the most successful brands that we have found using custom Facebook Pages is Red Bull. Red Bull has almost 22 million “like” (or users). They also take advantage of a number of different ways that Facebook now allows to enhance the Facebook experience for their customers. View the Red Bull customized Facebook page here .

CK Golf Solutions Can Help You
We can create a customized Facebook page for any business for as low as $549. The CK Golf Solutions Facebook page does not have any moving parts but includes customization of the main body of the page as well as the left side bar.

Static Customization of Facebook page – $599

Flash Customization of Facebook page – $799

Any Additional Pages – $149 with either package above

Call Jeff at 604-506-2226 for details.