Technology Wins
Since we have been traveling so much we have learned to use some of our technology in better ways. These things are not new, but they are new to us and they have made conference calls while traveling a piece of cake! Since we are both Apple users these tips both relate to iPhones but they likely work on other smartphones too.

Conference Lines
Have you ever really looked at your phones features? Did you know that your iPhone can merge a bunch of incoming or outgoing calls together? Neither did we until we tried it. You can call one person, go to your key pad and click add a call and dial up another person. When they answer go back to your keypad and merge the calls together. Volia – three way calling. No charge. We have done this for getting up to 5 people on a call. This works great for us when we are in different locations and need to be on the same call or when we are together but need to call multiple clients or associates. No special calling plan or special technology needed. 

Headphone Splitter
Another great tool for us has been the headphone splitter. This is great for use when we are in the same location but both need to be on the phone with the same (one or more) people. The headphone splitter allows us both to talk but to not hear each other through the speaker. We hear the other callers on the phone but hear each other in person. This is our favourite for driving in the car and doing a conference call. (When we are in an area that actually has a phone signal that is.)

We use our smartphones a lot but think that we still likely don’t know even half of what they can do. If you have any tips please share!


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