Team Canada Golfers on Twitter
Just in case you thought that Twitter and Social Media in general was not going to have any effect on the golf industry…Think Again!

Golf Canada recently published a list of the current and past Team Canada members who are using Twitter. There are 14 current team members and 28 past team members listed, some who are more active than others on the platform. Some highlights include @ahadwingolf  (Adam Hadwin) who posts about his travels and experiences on the various tours between 2 and more than 10 times a day and currently has over 3,000 followers. There is 2012 LPGA Tour Rookie @RLeeBentham (Rebecca Lee-Bentham) who has recently joined Twitter and shares lots of photos of her experiences, @Ashley_jo_smith (Ashley Smith) and @VicCiesielski (Victor Ciesielski) who have tweeted over 2,000 times, @GrahamDeLaet who has 3,500 plus followers and @SwinkeyTodd (Todd Halpin) who has tweeted over 8,000 times. Of the current team members @garrettrank (Garrett Rank) and @chughesgolf (Charlie Hughes) are the most active. Most of the other 2012 members have just recently set up their accounts.

Social Media and Golf
So why is this important to golf?? Well the most important reason is that lost of teens and people under 30 are into social media. Being able to follow the experiences of a college golfer or a pro golfer on any of the Professional tours is a new and cool development for the fans. Perhaps these experiences will encourage juniors to follow golf more closely, to watch more golf and to play more golf. Perhaps these experiences will encourage adults to check out the newest equipment that the players are tweeting about, but a ticket to an event, take more lessons. All of these things are good for the golf industry. Having more access to the successes of Canadian players is also good for the golf industry. Golf Canada should encourage their players to be active on social media as one strategy in much larger and very important campaign to grow the game. It can’t hurt!

See the list of Team Canada Tweeters from Golf Canada.

The list should be improved and updated as we found that at least one account was inactive a few had their tweets protected (a no-no for sure) and many were quite new. But the tweeters mentioned above make a great start to any golfer’s following.

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